30 09 2006


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Rose rose by any other name….Like Heather???

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Amsterdam Day 1

26 09 2006


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Well, what an exciting day!

This is the view from our canal boat. The city is very historic and interesting.

After arriving at 6:30 am and taking a long taxi ride we arrived at the first hotel to find that there were ‘no rooms at the inn’ at least no non-smoking rooms until tomorrow…maybe??? So we called around and found another hotel which is totally smoke free and very modern. It is very nice here. There were a few more minor mishaps but at the end of the day we got here, have a nice place to stay, ate 2 good meals, and got to explore the city some.

The plan for tomorrow is a science museum and hopefully some art museum….maybe even the botanical garden???

Hope you are all well. Follow the more pictures to see the rest of the day.

: ) HP

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