When Life Gives you Lemons…

3 12 2007


Originally uploaded by Heather Perretta.

Ah yes, you know the saying, “make lemonade.”

Today is a rather blustery day here in Central New York but I thought I would pop outside quick to capture the shades of gray and white. When I pushed on the door it pushed back. I pushed again and it resisted. After a swift kick to break the ice that had apparently frozen it shut it popped open and out I stepped. The cold wind penetrated my thin sweatshirt and thirty seconds later I darted back in the house.

Well, if it is not an outside day then it must be a cookie day. Yum! Nothing warms the heart like a hot chocolate chip cookie and nothing warms the kitchen like an oven after baking those delicious morsels.

Cookies a celebration of “almost winter”. Now I can get dressed in my winter garb and step out again knowing that there are some pretty tasty treats waiting for me inside.



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