Kayaking with Friends

30 07 2014

I have not been keeping up with my posts on this blog. I go back and forth between wanting to share quick photos on and wanting to write longer pieces about my various adventures in nature on here. The reality is that there is so much to explore and learn about during the warmer months its hard to keep up with picture processing and posting. As I was lurking around in the ditch tonight looking for spiders I decided to start posting here again regardless of the how detailed the posts are because not everyone has Facebook and I need to update this blog’s content. I’ll write another post about my ditch findings soon, most likely tomorrow.

Sunday I went to float around in a local pond with a good friend. I have been visiting there often lately and am in love with the biodiversity present. While we were paddling we met many other friends along the way.

Male Pondhawk

Male Pondhawk

Many of my favorite things can be found at the pond. There are lots of bird species including green heron, tons of dragonflies, spiders, frogs, turtles, fish, and much more. Because it is so close to my house I can go there easily and often.


Green Heron


Painted Turtle


Painted Turtle This is one is quite small!

Kayaking allows me to become part of the environment rather than an observer from above. Being down at water level opens up a whole fairy world here turtle look me in the eye and dragons and damsel zip, zoom, and even rest in close range. I love being part of their world. Here is a series of photographs I took on Sunday. The picture of the green heron above was taken at the same pond last week.


Male Halloween Pennant


Male Halloween Pennant

Male Calico Pennant

Male Calico Pennant



Female Pondhawk


Male Pondhawk – Notice the green face.


Male Pondhawk


Male Pondhawk



Damselfly (species unknown right now) laying eggs


Orange Bluets in tandem. He holds onto her as she deposits eggs in the water.


Blue Dashers in tandem as eggs are fertilized


Blue Dasher Male


Blue Dasher female depositing eggs


Blue Dasher female depositing eggs


Blue Dasher male


Azure Bluets in tandem as eggs are fertilized




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