I am an interpretive naturalist living in Central New York and raising three young children with my husband. This blog is a way for me to share my experiences in nature as I explore my neighborhood and the surrounding countryside. I am passionate about collaborating to build a community where all people closely observe their natural surroundings and understand how we are all connected to the beautiful world we live in. Often our fast-paced lives create a disconnect between us and nature. We are very busy moving on to our destination whether physical or societal and we seldom slow down to see what is right in front of us. This drive benefits us, it is what propels us forward and it is also what holds us back. In order to create peace and to honor all creatures existence and the existence of the earth we must be present. We must understand how the tapestry of life is sewn together on this planet and understand that we do not stand apart from it as observers but rather are a part of it. I hope my stories inspire you to take a few minutes each day to simply be outside in the fresh air, eyes wide with wonder. When we all do this we will begin our journey as good stewards and create a world of harmony.


-Heather Perretta, Backyard Naturalist

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